That fruit-flavored perfume for my preggy mom  

April 13th, 2012 @ 12:16 am | 411 words in post | Comment?

Vai in profumeria e comprami una fragranza alla frutta!

That’s what my mom asked this morning. In English, that translates as “Go the perfumery and buy me a fruit-flavored fragrance!”. Really? Since when my mom is so addicted to perfumes?

It must be pregnancy to make her so moody.

So I went and bought a fruit-flavored perfume. I picked a 100Ml bottle of Cartier Delices Eau Fruitee For Women, a truly delightful fragrance I’ve tried at a classmate’s party last moth. It’s a normal Eau de Toilette with a fruit fragrance, but the bottle is adorable too:

Cartier Delices Eau Fruitee 100Ml  For Women

It’s a good perfume, not dangerous on a pregnant woman and definitely pleasant on your clothes and skin. Mom loved it!

What baffled me, though, is that mom continued to insist on not telling dad about her ‘preggy cravings’ until she took courage to do it herself. That sounded too strange to my hears— why on Earth mom doesn’t want to tell dad?!? They always talked about family matters of this kind, she neved hid anything from him… so why now?

I had a talk with my brother Sonny about it, but all he could tell me was that mom and dad had a little discussion a few days ago and they won’t talk a lot to each other since then. It looks strange to me that they would have this reaction— it’s not their usual way. I hope dad didn’t tell mom to stop having/adopting babies, because that wouldn’t be like *him* either!

For some reason, I feel stressed. It’s as if all the family pressure was instantly thrown at my bony shoulders and I had to carry it all. I know it’s not their fault, I know I’m just over-sensitive to family issues and arguments, but when I see my mother reacting that way and trying to find relieve in a perfume… well, that leaves me with some thought. Wouldn’t you feel the same way?

I hope it’s not me being a weirdo. I just care too much about my family to overlook these moments of deep tension…


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